BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley: Paying Homage to Pitmasters and Their Craft

By: Richard Wachtel  Published: March 31, 2015

Sometimes great BBQ Joints are meant to be a hidden gems and require taking the non obvious route to get some amazing barbecue. My good friends at Wagshal’s Deli and Market have made some amazing barbecue a hidden gem located right in their own backyard, literally right behind their store in NorthWest Washington D.C.

You might be thinking to yourself that you are going to just read another barbecue restaurant review but what you are about to read is something completely different right from your normal barbecue restaurant but something completely amazing and different.

You might now be asking yourself what your experience with the BBQ Pitmasters Back Alley different? Well, simple you get to experience having amazing barbecue ... keep reading ...